1. Don’t get a tattoo while intoxicated.

This creates a bad experience for both you and your tattoo artist. Alcohol and other intoxicants cause your blood to thin and make the tattoo process more difficult. When you are intoxicated, you have less control of your body movements. In a time when you’ll need to be as still as possible, not having control is a bad idea.

2. Don’t take aspirin or other pain-reducers.

Again, these thin your blood and make the tattooing process more difficult for your artist.

3. Don’t get a sunburn on the desired tattoo location

Not only does a sunburn enhance the pain of your tattoo, but because the skin is already damaged there is extra blood trying to heal the sunburn. This will ultimately make your tattoo artists job harder.

4. Don’t haggle your tattoo artist for a cheaper price.

Be ready to pay quality money for a quality tattoo. It’s that simple. If you want a cheap tattoo, chances are, you’ll end up having to spend more money down the road to get it fixed or covered up. Don’t be cheap.

5. Don’t stay silent.

Make sure to talk to your artist about your tattoo. Ask questions about any concerns or fears

that you have. Have them explain their tattoo process to you. Ask about their shop rules. It’s important to understand their COVID-19 process. Have them explain how they clean their shop. If you have additional concerns, schedule a time to meet with your artist prior to your appointment to view the shop and talk in person. It’s important that you and your artist are on the same page. This is a lifelong journey you are about to embark on. Make sure you are ready.


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